Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In An Absolut World - Truth In Advertising

For those who partake, might I be so bold as to suggest another brand than Absolut? They have taken to being an "agent for change" vice trying to sell their vodka. Recent advertisements include posting the map ad (photo-shopped to a more reasonable position above) that showed Mexico going up to about Washington/Oregon/Idaho and an ad targeted to the homosexual community that addresses the perfect "member." Whatever happened to "selling the product" vice trying to engineer social change?
Interesting side-note; the map of Mexico ad was "only going to be used in Mexico" according to Absolut spokesmen. Question raised in ol' Subby's mind was "If so, why is 'In An Absolut World' printed so boldly in English?"
Photo Credit: Michelle Malkin

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Anonymous said...

Don't they always say that good fences make goo neighbors?