Friday, May 30, 2008

Clinton Protester

No story - not really needed for this actual shot of a Clinton rally protester.

Photo Credit: Jokeroo

Saturday, May 24, 2008

12 Wins Completed, 4 Wins To Go!

Predators? Dispatched in 6.
Avalanche? Dispatched in 4.
Stars? Dispatched in 6.

Penguins? We shall see. It looks to be a very good series with 2 relatively evenly-matched teams. The Wings definitely have the experience advantage, but the young guns on the Pens team should rise to the level of the opponent like they've been doing throughout the Eastern Conf finals.

Go Wings! Bring home another!

Photo Credits - Red Wings' home page.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hey Dude, Didja Hear That We're Endangered?

The US has added the polar bear to the officially sanctioned list of "endangered species" despite a continuously rising population of the predator. Amazing what the Church of Global Warming has caused with a few debunked computer model charts, isn't it? Anybody seen any msm features on the multi-year cooling cycle we are currently experiencing?

>crickets chirping<

I didn't think so...

Photo Credit: FunPic

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Different Kind of "Truth Video"

Interesting video compilation of a variety of Democrat leaders discussing terrorists, their organizations, and a specific regime that supports them. This is video of them, speaking their own words (and one would assume their own thoughts, however hazardous it is to assume that these individuals think...), and contradicting everything they say now.

Since truth tends to be anathema to most leftists, I don't expect any response, but I do ask one of them to answer this question:

Tell me again how this is "Bush's War" and that "Bush lied - people died?"

By the way, if you are a miscreant troll, you need not respond. I truly would like to get a well reasoned, properly thought out response.

Credit - an email from my friend John.

The link is

Thought Should Be Used Before Advertising

Sometimes your location just can't be helped, but you'd a thunk the recruiters would have come up with a better way to post it, wouldn't you?
(Countermeasures - the blogger who posted this is a liberal Osamabama backer and has raised $95 from 4 contributors for the B.O. express.)

Barry O. Lays Out His US Economic Strategy

Front-running Democrat Party presidential hopeful Ballsack Osamabama has finally laid out the economic strategy he plans to inflict on the US '...once I am elected President for Life by the Bible-clinging, gun-toting, rubes of this pitiful nation.' As a public service, ol' Subby has reduced the political-double-speak that surrounded the core message for you. Summed up in the fewest words possible, B.O. said;
"I'm... going to... tax... you... for every... penny... you... own... or earn."
Funny how his answer to every problem is to either discuss things with terrorists or add a new tax -
Is Iran threatening to nuc Israel and the US? 'Unlike any before me, MY administration will sit down over tea and falafel and get them to change their minds through better speaking points.'
Are your oil prices too high, Bunky? 'MY administration will tax the manufacturers!'
(Seriously; does ANYone think they won't pass it on to the consumer?)
Photo Credit: an email from me son

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Being A Dem Means Never Having Say You're Sorry

Remember the outcry from the leftards over the bookshelf in the back the Huck's Christmas ad? I'm waiting for a similar brouhaha over the blatantly overt pandering to the Evangelicals by the Obamessiah in his Kentucky ad.
>Crickets Chirping<
As me buddy Jonathon would say - Nope! No liberal bias noted.
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Teddy the Whale Goes For A Summer Cruise

Having put an end once and for all to those unsightly windmill power generators off the Nantuckett coast, Teddy the Whale Kennedy rewarded himself with a lunch cruise off the Maine coast. Unfortunately, the AP reports that he was mistaken for Moby Dick and was "harvested" by commercial fishermen. On the bright side, boiling his blubber resulted in aproximately 100 drums of spermacetti.
Photo Credits: Fun Pic

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obamasama Announces DHS Secretary Pick

Barry Obamasama has begun releasing his notional picks for Cabinet posts. Starting with Louis Farrikhan as his running mate, duh!, he has also announced he will ask John Edwards to be his Attorney General and to lead the vetting process for all nominees. In spite of the "honor" bestowed on the Silky Pony, B.O. has a few picks already slated:
- Department of Homeland Security Secretary will go to Wild Bill Ayers for his staunch support of America.
- Secretary of Defense will go to Cindy Sheehag because she 'really knows the military structure, and aligns so well with my support of the armed forces.'
- A surprise move of awarding Secretary of State to Rev. Jeremiah Wright following his previous public denouncement of his beliefs indicates that B.O. is operating from a personal feeling that he is firmly in the position of power now, and no longer needs to pretend to care what the rabble think.
- Although not a Cabinet level position, Teddy the Whale will be rewarded for his loyalty with the leadership of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. (Yes, that's the way the Whale wants its name shown going forward...)
Other names and positions are pending the Silky Pony focus group's investigations and recommendations.
Stay tuned to Staight Board for additional breaking news.
Photo Credit: Chicago Magazine, August 2001
(And for the record, B.O. turned 40 that month - slightly older than the "8" he claims for when Ayers was doing all his terrorist activity...)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

8 Wins Completed, 8 Wins Left

Go Wings - Bring Home Another!
(Sorry AoM and AoD, but, mwahahahahaha!)
Photo Credit: Hockeytown