Friday, May 16, 2008

Barry O. Lays Out His US Economic Strategy

Front-running Democrat Party presidential hopeful Ballsack Osamabama has finally laid out the economic strategy he plans to inflict on the US '...once I am elected President for Life by the Bible-clinging, gun-toting, rubes of this pitiful nation.' As a public service, ol' Subby has reduced the political-double-speak that surrounded the core message for you. Summed up in the fewest words possible, B.O. said;
"I'm... going to... tax... you... for every... penny... you... own... or earn."
Funny how his answer to every problem is to either discuss things with terrorists or add a new tax -
Is Iran threatening to nuc Israel and the US? 'Unlike any before me, MY administration will sit down over tea and falafel and get them to change their minds through better speaking points.'
Are your oil prices too high, Bunky? 'MY administration will tax the manufacturers!'
(Seriously; does ANYone think they won't pass it on to the consumer?)
Photo Credit: an email from me son

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