Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Obamasama Announces DHS Secretary Pick

Barry Obamasama has begun releasing his notional picks for Cabinet posts. Starting with Louis Farrikhan as his running mate, duh!, he has also announced he will ask John Edwards to be his Attorney General and to lead the vetting process for all nominees. In spite of the "honor" bestowed on the Silky Pony, B.O. has a few picks already slated:
- Department of Homeland Security Secretary will go to Wild Bill Ayers for his staunch support of America.
- Secretary of Defense will go to Cindy Sheehag because she 'really knows the military structure, and aligns so well with my support of the armed forces.'
- A surprise move of awarding Secretary of State to Rev. Jeremiah Wright following his previous public denouncement of his beliefs indicates that B.O. is operating from a personal feeling that he is firmly in the position of power now, and no longer needs to pretend to care what the rabble think.
- Although not a Cabinet level position, Teddy the Whale will be rewarded for his loyalty with the leadership of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. (Yes, that's the way the Whale wants its name shown going forward...)
Other names and positions are pending the Silky Pony focus group's investigations and recommendations.
Stay tuned to Staight Board for additional breaking news.
Photo Credit: Chicago Magazine, August 2001
(And for the record, B.O. turned 40 that month - slightly older than the "8" he claims for when Ayers was doing all his terrorist activity...)

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