Sunday, June 8, 2008

Deh Can'idate, Boss, Deh Can'idate!

Due to Denver having failed to cough up the required cash, Howie the Scream released a change of venue notification to a "much more appropriate setting for us to officially endorse the Obamessiah to an unsuspectin, errrr, politically acute voting populace. Mr. Rourke has graciously invited us to his island."

Photo Credit: personal archives
I'll be traveling for the next 3 weeks so posts will be hit or miss for a while.

Friday, June 6, 2008

And Winner Is...

Interesting choice of pic the AP used for the official declaration of the winning Dem candidate is. Remember the Huckabee hullabaloo over a cross-shaped bookshelf in the background of his Christmas season ad? Seems to ol' Subby that they doth protest too much. The Obamessiah has been anointed by the msm from the very beginning, no vetting of statements, total pass on any speaking or factual blunders, the shooshing of any nay-sayers and a righteous indignation at any challenge to their collective ethical standpoint. The only thing that made it the least entertaining was that the Kkklinton machine got to feel their ire for having the audacity to continue to run after they had selected Barry O and his "I'm proud of Amerikkka for the first time in my adult life" wife as the next Jack and Jackie Kennedy for the nation.
As me buddy Jonathan says: "Nope, no liberal media bias!"
Photo Credit: An AP series of shots of the candidates, but I've lost the link.

Bacon, Bacon, BACON!

Gator's thought bubble; "OK, slowly, slowly, that arm's gonna taste SOOOOOOO good!"
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Way To Go, Wings!

Heckuva series. If that didn't make you a fan of hockey, then you didn't watch.
Valient effort by the young guns of Pittsburg - Great, Great team in Detroit.
Some great officiating (placement of the Ref on the Zetterburg goal that squirted in when Fleury sat on it) and some highly questionable calls (both goalie interference calls in game 6).
Some heartbraking ringers off the pipes by both teams. Awesome hit after hit by both teams. Some lucky bounces for both teams. Some UNlucky bounces for both teams. Amazing goalie play for both teams (Ozzie's shut outs in games 1 and 2, Fleury's effective shutout in all 3 overtimes in game 6). Both team's offensive superstars being held mostly in check by stupendous defensive play. And a few historic firsts (first Newfoundland pro to lift the cup - Cleary, and first European Captain to lift the Cup - Lidstrom).
Great, great series. And now, I expect AoM to live up to the bet she dodged after her team went down a couple games and post an "Ode to the Red Wings, Stanley Cup Champs" on her web site!
Photo Credit: Fox Sports

B.O. and Michelle Fish For A Photo Op

After a long half hour fishing, Ballsack and Michelle Obamessiah have a catered lunch set up "just like all other normal people do. Honestly, I just DON'T see why some people think we're elitist Amerikkka haters" quipped Michelle as she adjusted her Che T-shirt so that the photo's wouldn't show the "Death to the US" logo just below the icon of her champion.
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Green Party Planking

The Green Party announced it's first platform plank today. Coming as no shock to anyone, and believing, wholeheartedly, in the Church of the Goracle, the alternative group endorsed a position that "We reject the crass commercialism on which the United States is founded and require a wholesale elimination of the manufacturing base. We promise to revert to a feudalistic state of lords and serfs and require a return to an agrarian society."
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Grey Panthers Take Over Border Security

Concerned senior citizen's groups have taken the Minuteman project to heart and committed themselves to it as a group for border security. Said Rupert J. Smith, a retired veteran of WWI and leader of the new contingent of border watchers, "Those durn illegals're taking up our rightful spots in emergency rooms and in the food lines. We're gonna stop at least a few, as long as our ammo holds up here at El Alamein. INCOMING! Blasted Germans..."
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Bubba Shares "The Solution"

In a candid, one-on-one chat with Keith Uberdem, former President William J. Clinton provided his recommendation on the entire Hilldawg-Obamessiah conflict. When asked by Keith "What will it take for the divide to be erased?" Bill simply pantomimed for the cameras and then laughed. He refused to specify which candidate he was acting for...
Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

Metaphor For The 2008 Presidential Election

And for you liberals, the horse represents the choices given TO us by the political parties, and the cowboy represents the US voting public. A good choice since the cowboy tends to pick himself up, dust himself off, and return to the chores of life regardless of the problems he runs into.
Photo Credit: Personal Archives via an email from me son.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random Thought on the Dems

No joke, just a serious question.

In 2000, the Dems filed lawsuits in Florida to change the election laws in the state DURING the count, recount and re-recount fiasco. It failed, but set the stage for what happened yesterday with the DNC re-deciding (after the fact) that the "play by our rules or your votes don't count" would be given a "do-over."

The Obamessiah was given a percentage of the delegates from Michigan even though he had not been on the ballot. Would one of you Democrat loyalists give me a straight answer on how this is "ensuring every vote counts?" By my logic:
1. It doesn't add up to letting the popular vote stand on its own.
2. Gives the appearance that Obama is the chosen candidate regardless of the overall popular vote (opposite of what they claimed in 2000).
3. Rewards these two states for thumbing their collective noses at the rules committee and proceeding with the non-sanctioned votes in the first place.
4. Perhaps makes them count MORE by bringing them to the table when everything is in an uproar and brings additional scrutiny (at least by non-msm avenues) to the reversal of the DNC position on total popular vote vs electoral vote.
5. Reinforces (at least in non-msm and non-Dem voters eyes) the image of the DNC changing rules after an election takes place to make things work in their favor.

So, basically, I'm asking WTF?

1 More for Cup Number 11

Hockey gets no respect -
Jiri Hudler got the game winner last night with a no-look, back-to-the-net, top-shelf, back-hander in about a 4 inch gap between Fleury and the near-side post. Does ESPN even select it for the "top ten" plays of the day? No. Instead we get the same-old, same-old home runs and diving catches. Don't get me wrong; I love both playing (well, did) and watching baseball and the plays were all good, but even a non-sportsman would have been left incredulous by that Hudler goal. Meh!
That was visually spectacular, but for a hockey fan like ol' Subby, the job that Zetterburg did on the Penguins' all-star line when they had a 5 on 3 advantage? That was a spec-freakin'-TACular job of shutting down a team. Osgood was OzGREAT and the total team effort was superb.
One more win and the Wings cap off a phenomenal season with Lord Stanley's Cup for the 11th time.

Photo Credit: Red Wings home page.