Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Way To Go, Wings!

Heckuva series. If that didn't make you a fan of hockey, then you didn't watch.
Valient effort by the young guns of Pittsburg - Great, Great team in Detroit.
Some great officiating (placement of the Ref on the Zetterburg goal that squirted in when Fleury sat on it) and some highly questionable calls (both goalie interference calls in game 6).
Some heartbraking ringers off the pipes by both teams. Awesome hit after hit by both teams. Some lucky bounces for both teams. Some UNlucky bounces for both teams. Amazing goalie play for both teams (Ozzie's shut outs in games 1 and 2, Fleury's effective shutout in all 3 overtimes in game 6). Both team's offensive superstars being held mostly in check by stupendous defensive play. And a few historic firsts (first Newfoundland pro to lift the cup - Cleary, and first European Captain to lift the Cup - Lidstrom).
Great, great series. And now, I expect AoM to live up to the bet she dodged after her team went down a couple games and post an "Ode to the Red Wings, Stanley Cup Champs" on her web site!
Photo Credit: Fox Sports


Anonymous said...

Oh well, everybody knows a MK-54 couldn't hit the broadside of an Ohio class.

Now the dreaded 3 month stretch with no professional sports at all going on...

Army of Mom said...

Keep on dreaming, baby, keep on dreaming.

I'm still thinking ptththpthpohphottttppppp!!!!!!!!!!