Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sink Your Teeth Into This

I got this food meme from Army of Mom, courtesy of Kim:

Where & what did you eat last night? -- We had steaks, rice and carrots at home.

Are you a good cook? -- I'm a damn good cook, s'long as the wife is cleaning up afterwards...

What’s currently in your fridge? -- Relatively little at the moment - tomorrow is shopping day for us.

Marmite? -- no clue what this is but it sounds like something I'd find dead along US 26.

Do you have a comfort food? -- doesn't everyone? Mine is a bowl of vanilla ice cream with caramel or butterscotch topping. Extra credit for sprinkling dry-roasted peanuts on it.

What’s your favorite restaurant? -- tough one - but Cracker Barrel is probably the one I visit most.

What was your memorable meal? -- Arabian Nights dinner theater.

Do you have a favorite food scene from the movies? -- Food fight in Animal House and when Daryl Hannah eats the lobster in Splash! come to mind.

What’s your favorite cinema snack? -- Popcorn with lots of that "horrible-for-you" theater butter.

Raw fish? -- Absolutely - love sushi ever since I visited Japan, but not a big fan of many forms of sashimi.

What would your last meal be? -- A mile-high lasagna, dripping mozzarella with a bottle of chianti and a few baggets with oil and basil. And a slab of cheesecake for desert.

Which TV cook irritates you the most? -- Graham Kerr.

C'mon, folks. Take your turn with this and let me know you did.

It's F-F-Freezing Due to G-G-Global Warming!

And n-n-not only th-th-that, i-i-it's George B-B-Bush's f-f-f-f-f-f-f-fault!
Photo Credit: Personal Archives - uncertain where I found it.

One Could Only Hope...

"Dmitri, meet Mahmoud."

"Mahmoud, meet >CRACK!< uhhhh, never mind.... "

Photo Credit: Drudge Report

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I think Bernanke's reduction in interest rates has been spot-on, because basically we're going to fix the credit markets by creating a big enough spread between the risk-free cost of capital and what's available so that greed overtakes fear and the game begins again."

Sam Zell, billionaire investor
(emphasis added by Subby - don't you just love American capitalism?)
Photo and story credit: CNBC

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Suggested Republican Ticket for 2008

A major concern for any of us that believe in conservative values is that Johnny McAmnesty is NOT a conservative. (Need proof? Try to think of any piece of legislation that his name is associated with that ISN'T liberal in nature... But I digress.) One opportunity he has to rally the base is to select a running mate that doesn't suffer from the same leftard leanings of ol' Juan.

Therefore, being the public-spirited stud that I am I am suggesting that he ask Dr. Condoleezza Rice to join his ticket. There is a lot of upside - she's far smarter than he is, she's far more qualified than he is, she's far more experienced on the global stage than he is, she's a helluva lot better looking than ol' Juan, and just the mention of her name makes the Al Sharpton's, Al Franken's, and Dick Durban's of the world go absolutely apoplectic; spitting and sputtering like an epileptic hooked up to a 60 hertz wall outlet!
It would drive the Dems NUTZ with a capital N to have a minority woman running on the Republican ticket against their chosen minority candidate (whether B.O. as the first black or Shrillary as the first hermaphroditic junk-yard dawg or whatever...). She would have some potential to splinter the minority and feminine blocks that the Dems traditionally own (which I've never understood - wasn't Lincoln a Republican?). And finally, she would make a great replacement if/when McLame succumbs to his years. (I know, I know - very morbid, but needs to be addressed.)

By the way; she was forced into making a promise on TV that she wouldn't seek the Presidency. She never made reference to the position of Veep.

Your thoughts or counter suggestions?

Photo Credit: Wikipedia (from the Dept of State site)

Update - 2/27/08 - found an article from last Friday where Dr. Condi stated that she didn't see herself playing a part in this campaign, stating " isn't in her genes." While not a categorical rejection, it is pretty firm for her. Crap! Wonder who Juan will end up selecting?

The Choice The Dems Give The Nation

B.O.'s photo gives me a chuckle. If it would have been George W. Bush putting on the garb of a Somali Elder, the NY and LA Times would have blasted us with the image from now until Spring Solstice (I'd have said Easter, but they don't recognize any Christian holidays...). Nope! No liberal media bias. None. Just ask 'em.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008


“I remember way back when a Liberal was someone who was generous with their own money.”

Will Rodgers

Friday, February 22, 2008

Looks Like SOTG's Prom Date Is Over...

'Nuff Said. (Sorry mi amigo!) ;-)
Photo Credit: Neil Boortz

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama Supporters At Their Best

Not much really needs to be said. These are the people we want electing the most powerful individual in the free world? I know, I know - can't have a test for intelligence to earn the right to vote because it would discriminate against (fill in the blank with your favorite minority group) and we CAN'T have that, can we, hmmmmmm?
Photo Credit: Neil Boortz

Stress Relief At Its Finest

Trust ol' Subby -

Friday, February 8, 2008

Truth in Advertising: DemocRATs Choice #1

The establishment at the DNC is mistified by the success that B.O. has achieved both in fund-raising and at the primary polls. In order to defuse this momentum, they have released a picture representing the truth (a difficult matter for them at all times) so voters will know EXACTLY what they'll get in a Clinton II White House. The internal memo stated "C'mon folks, stick with the script!"
Photo Credit: email from me son.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm a True Conservative...

>Wink< >Wink< (nudge, nudge)
Photo credit: Personal archives but probably from another conservative blog