Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Suggested Republican Ticket for 2008

A major concern for any of us that believe in conservative values is that Johnny McAmnesty is NOT a conservative. (Need proof? Try to think of any piece of legislation that his name is associated with that ISN'T liberal in nature... But I digress.) One opportunity he has to rally the base is to select a running mate that doesn't suffer from the same leftard leanings of ol' Juan.

Therefore, being the public-spirited stud that I am I am suggesting that he ask Dr. Condoleezza Rice to join his ticket. There is a lot of upside - she's far smarter than he is, she's far more qualified than he is, she's far more experienced on the global stage than he is, she's a helluva lot better looking than ol' Juan, and just the mention of her name makes the Al Sharpton's, Al Franken's, and Dick Durban's of the world go absolutely apoplectic; spitting and sputtering like an epileptic hooked up to a 60 hertz wall outlet!
It would drive the Dems NUTZ with a capital N to have a minority woman running on the Republican ticket against their chosen minority candidate (whether B.O. as the first black or Shrillary as the first hermaphroditic junk-yard dawg or whatever...). She would have some potential to splinter the minority and feminine blocks that the Dems traditionally own (which I've never understood - wasn't Lincoln a Republican?). And finally, she would make a great replacement if/when McLame succumbs to his years. (I know, I know - very morbid, but needs to be addressed.)

By the way; she was forced into making a promise on TV that she wouldn't seek the Presidency. She never made reference to the position of Veep.

Your thoughts or counter suggestions?

Photo Credit: Wikipedia (from the Dept of State site)

Update - 2/27/08 - found an article from last Friday where Dr. Condi stated that she didn't see herself playing a part in this campaign, stating "...it isn't in her genes." While not a categorical rejection, it is pretty firm for her. Crap! Wonder who Juan will end up selecting?

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