Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sink Your Teeth Into This

I got this food meme from Army of Mom, courtesy of Kim:

Where & what did you eat last night? -- We had steaks, rice and carrots at home.

Are you a good cook? -- I'm a damn good cook, s'long as the wife is cleaning up afterwards...

What’s currently in your fridge? -- Relatively little at the moment - tomorrow is shopping day for us.

Marmite? -- no clue what this is but it sounds like something I'd find dead along US 26.

Do you have a comfort food? -- doesn't everyone? Mine is a bowl of vanilla ice cream with caramel or butterscotch topping. Extra credit for sprinkling dry-roasted peanuts on it.

What’s your favorite restaurant? -- tough one - but Cracker Barrel is probably the one I visit most.

What was your memorable meal? -- Arabian Nights dinner theater.

Do you have a favorite food scene from the movies? -- Food fight in Animal House and when Daryl Hannah eats the lobster in Splash! come to mind.

What’s your favorite cinema snack? -- Popcorn with lots of that "horrible-for-you" theater butter.

Raw fish? -- Absolutely - love sushi ever since I visited Japan, but not a big fan of many forms of sashimi.

What would your last meal be? -- A mile-high lasagna, dripping mozzarella with a bottle of chianti and a few baggets with oil and basil. And a slab of cheesecake for desert.

Which TV cook irritates you the most? -- Graham Kerr.

C'mon, folks. Take your turn with this and let me know you did.

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