Sunday, June 1, 2008

1 More for Cup Number 11

Hockey gets no respect -
Jiri Hudler got the game winner last night with a no-look, back-to-the-net, top-shelf, back-hander in about a 4 inch gap between Fleury and the near-side post. Does ESPN even select it for the "top ten" plays of the day? No. Instead we get the same-old, same-old home runs and diving catches. Don't get me wrong; I love both playing (well, did) and watching baseball and the plays were all good, but even a non-sportsman would have been left incredulous by that Hudler goal. Meh!
That was visually spectacular, but for a hockey fan like ol' Subby, the job that Zetterburg did on the Penguins' all-star line when they had a 5 on 3 advantage? That was a spec-freakin'-TACular job of shutting down a team. Osgood was OzGREAT and the total team effort was superb.
One more win and the Wings cap off a phenomenal season with Lord Stanley's Cup for the 11th time.

Photo Credit: Red Wings home page.


Anonymous said...

Go Wings? And up until this time I thought “Wow, that Subby sounds like a great guy!”

I gotta admit, after game 4 I thought the Pens were done. But now those 110 minutes is gonna affect the Geritol crew a lot more than the Pens for game 6. And anything can happen in game 7!

The Red Wings were cruising along, safely below the layer, indestructible. Then the sound of propwash, followed by a dipper dropping down. A few CW pings followed by a few FM’s, and then the dreaded splash and the high-RPM whir of the MK-54 closing in at 40 knots…

Submariner said...

That game 5 was outstanding too. Lord, it had everything a hockey fan could ask for including good and bad breaks for both teams.
Loved that Sykora pulled the Babe Ruth "call his shot" stunt. Sad either team had to lose it, but now this series has gotten interesting, I want it to keep going.

Launch all NAE's, max bell without regard to cavitation, hard to Port, change stratum and let's see what happens.