Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Grey Panthers Take Over Border Security

Concerned senior citizen's groups have taken the Minuteman project to heart and committed themselves to it as a group for border security. Said Rupert J. Smith, a retired veteran of WWI and leader of the new contingent of border watchers, "Those durn illegals're taking up our rightful spots in emergency rooms and in the food lines. We're gonna stop at least a few, as long as our ammo holds up here at El Alamein. INCOMING! Blasted Germans..."
Photo Credit: FunPic

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Jim Gilchrist, President and Founder of the Minuteman Project said...

This revelation certainly proves that the Minuteman Project, Inc. has a non-discriminatory recruitment program. All are welcome to join. The only requirement is that you operate within the rule of law. "Welcome Grey Panthers!" :)

Jim Gilchrist, President and Founder, The Minuteman Project, Inc.