Tuesday, May 6, 2008

8 Wins Completed, 8 Wins Left

Go Wings - Bring Home Another!
(Sorry AoM and AoD, but, mwahahahahaha!)
Photo Credit: Hockeytown


Army of Mom said...


Army of Mom said...

And, just what do you care to wager on this little series?

Submariner said...

Just gonna have to be something long distance - say - an ode to the winning team posted on their site by the loser of the bet?

My son's a Flyers fan (don't know what I did wrong raising him...) and we have a bet if the Wings and Flyers meet for the cup regarding jerseys for either my grandsons or I to wear in a formal photo. My grandsons are gonna look so CUTE in their wings gear!

By the way, if the Stars DO manage to pull it off, I'll be backing them in the cup to keep it in the Conference it belongs in.