Monday, August 18, 2008

Exclusive First Look At DNC Platform

Harried Reid and Nasty Pelosi gave Straight Board an exclusive peek at the workings of the DNC. Here we see their version of the Illuminati struggling to achieve a balance of the demands of the party's base constituents and what they think they can sell to the sheeple of this nation.

Nasty, in a rare, candid moment; "The majority of the media is obviously in the tank for us so we aren't too worried on getting called for any of the, errrr, uh, planks that we fabricate. We just have to watch out for being so totally outrageous that even the nutroots won't buy it. Speaking of which - Harried; remind me to explain to the One that nothing should be called 'above my paygrade' when the cameras are rolling."

Photo Credit: FunPic

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