Sunday, November 4, 2007

Everybody Laughed At "10 Wins"

During pre-season, Jon Kitna said 10 wins for the Lions. The sportscasters and analysts didn't even attempt to try to hide their laughter nor derision at the thought. Half-way through this season and the record is 6 - 2. Not bad for the worst team of the past decade, not bad at all! You may not make the 10 guys, but you've already given this old long-suffering Lions Fan a lot of smiles this season. Bless you through the rest of the year.
Pic above from the Lions official website. Not often you get to watch a 6' 4" 340+ lb man catch a football and then "scamper" 66 yards for the TD, stiff-arming the lone individual that should have tackled him, and then collapsing from the exertion. One of ESPN's "Top 10" plays of the day indeed, Sean!
Go Honolulu Blue and Silver!

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