Thursday, November 15, 2007

Summation of DNC Politics

No story needed - just a straight representation of the cut and run politics of the DNC leadership. Interestingly, I saw an article on Fox News that details how 1981 and 1982 had more military deaths than 2005 and 2006 despite being in "peace time" during the former vice having major military operations in two significant war on terror zones during the later years.
And for you liberal bed-wetters, we lose about 1,400 students per year to alcohol-related incidents. Since you were probably educated in government schools, I'll translate into simple, 1 syllable words for you. That - Is - More - Than - We - Lose - In - War - Zones.
(War zones - those are the places where the enemy you don't want to admit exists are intentionally shooting at our soldiers, setting booby-trap bombs on roads, strapping explosives to their own bodies, and driving cars with trunks full of explosives into schools all in the effort to kill us?)
Photo Credit: Michelle Malkin

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