Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sorry, CAIR - You're Wrong AGAIN

CAIR and the Religion of Peas and Carrots is constantly trying to play the victim card. (Of course, if I got my turban in a knot every time someone posted a bad cartoon of Jesus, I'd probably get homicidal too.) Michelle Malkin has a link to and posted this rather intriguing couple of slides. While it might be kinda difficult for ROPma adherents to understand since they haven't exactly stayed current with technology beyond explosives, I'll try to explain it in short words.
You - Aren't - Being - Targeted, - You - Are - Targeting - Jews.
Oh, by the way - anti-Islamic "hate crimes" include things like naming your teddy bear Muhammed, publishing a cartoon, or requiring a cab driver not to require a religious test before taking a fare at an airport. Anti-Jew hate crimes are things like burning down Temples and beating a kid up for wearing a yarmulke. (I know, I know - total moral equivalency to the 'splodey-dopes among us...)
Go to Michelle Malkin for the blog article and link back to the source.

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