Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Hilldawg Attempts A "Likeability" Crusade

Stunned in Iowa and faced with another large loss in New Hampshire today, the "experienced" campaigner Hillary Rodham Clinton has finally come to the realization that she is perceived as a cold, scheming, political carpet-bagger clinging to the coattails and organization of a former President. While not setting well, she is a realist when it is to her advantage and she is attempting to show the "friendly, approachable and likeable side" of herself to voters. Unfortunately, she doesn't have one.
Photo Credit: Uncertain, probably a "best of the year" site

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Elana said...

True that, she sure is not likeable. At all. Check out this video, http://urlbrief.com/22796d it's a pretty sweet one.

I really don't know why she hasn't dropped out yet, she's not cut out for the job, especially since her name has been exhausted in the political world already.