Thursday, July 3, 2008

What If They Gave A Protest And Nobody Came?

Anti-War activist and potential Obamessiah running mate, Abby Hofman, was less than pleased with the turnout for his "Bush and Cheney Lied, Innocent People Fried;" A Protest Demonstration Extravaganza On The Mall. Said Abby; "What the #*$^ is wrong with the $)*$%^@ younger $&*#(!* generation these days? They don't show any &*%#(^# commitment to a cause and don't *#&^!*# protest like their %#@(^)^ parents did against 'Nam back in the 60's... now THOSE were protests!"

When reached for comment, Sen. (soon to be President for Life) Obamessiah simply stated that "...wasn't the Abby Hoffman I knew."

Photo Credit: don't remember where obtained - will give credit if reminded

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