Sunday, June 24, 2007

Contest Heats Up For the "NEW Face of the DNC"

Howie the Duck announced today that the contest for the "FACE of the DNC" for 2008 has been winnowed down to two. Voters will decide between Shrillery Kkklinton and Osama Obama during the ne'er ending story of the once and future primary campaign of '06 through '08.

(Your editors couldn't tell which was which, frankly, so we leave it to our reader's discretion to attribute a name to each photo.)

Unspecified DNC Presidential Candidate 1

Unspecified DNC Presidential Candidate 2

Photo Credits: Bottom photo - and Top photo - Caption This!


Anonymous said...

Well, the bottom one HAS to be the "Hill-dog." Fun blog.

Anonymous said...

I think the first response is wrong. The top picture is an ass that wears makeup. Muslims outlaw makeup. Therefore, the top picture must be Clinton.