Monday, October 1, 2007

Leftards Are At It, Still

Susy Activist was cornered by your faithful correspondent yesterday and asked why she was involved in this demonstration. Says the simpleton; "I'm a proud supporter of the 'People's Peace Movement' as envisioned by Castro, Hugo and Che." Following her explanation and other statements made to the gaggle of lamestream media correspondents, most of the crowd of 47 leftards broke ranks complaining about the heat and departed in their assorted Beemers, Lexus' and Caddies for various upscale SoCal country clubs where refreshments were reported to have been on ice for over 20 minutes already.

I wonder when she realized she used a wide-tip Sharpie® for her peace sign?

Back to you in the studio, Dan Blather.
Photo Credit: Can't remember - think it was AP

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