Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New York Times staffers (in green for the "Empire" state) and LA Times staffers (in white to celebrate the 72 virgins they are going to earn) celebrate the hung jury verdict returned for the Holy Land Foundation Islamic "charity." Charges were filed that the "charity" supports, aids and otherwise abets terrorist organizations solely based on the circumstantial evidence (ironic tone completely intentional) they have sent millions and millions of donated, scammed and/or coerced dollars directly to Hamas and other Islamic "charities" along with state of the art computers pre-loaded with detonation timing programs, explosives, plutonium, Illudium PU38, and various other necessities in high demand by charitable organizations.

Howie Dean, DNC ChAIR and Spokesman, stated "This is a victory for progressives everywhere! Thank Allah (piss be upon him) that the evil Chimpy McHaliburton BusHitler's cronies couldn't find enough privately educated individuals to stack the jury with those that could understand money-laundering schemes and conspiracy theories that don't involve alien abduction." He then added; "Please make out those campaign contribution checks to 'Committee for American Self Help' or C.A.S.H. for short, and send them directly to Howard Dean, DNC Headquarters, Avenue of the Americas, NY 10101. As always - thank you for your wide-eyed innocence, er, support."

Photo Credit and link: Neil Boortz (make sure you read the article)

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