Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Things Just P!ss Me Off!

Just to let you know about the state governments that are doing all within their power to bring down this nation. And for all you LLL's out their with your panties tied in a knot over that statement, get over it, jackasses. We aren't against LEGAL immigrants, just those that violate the freakin law to get here. They should be locked up with the worst of our dregs and then shipped to Diego Garcia or some such place to enjoy the "benefits" of this country's hospitality.
Hey, there's a thought - let's ship every illegal caught to some truly "hospitable US location" on the tax payer instead of having to pay my taxes, increased insurance, failed hospitals, etc. I'll suggest ANWAR, Death Valley and on top of Mt. McKinley as starting points. But if those are too unfriendly for you, the map above as locations where they appear to be wanted.
Photo Credit: the NYTwits at the NY Times who are in favor (surprise, surprise.)

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