Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hope-n-Change Police Now Enforcing Policy

Dateline - Washington DC
The One has now given permission for his newest Cabinet bureau - the Hope-n-Change Authority - to begin enforcement of any of the plethora of vapid thoughts and whimsical mutterings that the Obamessiah might utter. In order to do this, they have wired every room in the big house on Pennsylvania Ave including the "second-best bed" just in case Barry mumbles a new enlightenment policy.
And therein lies the problem; although none of the agents were certain whether 'twas The One himself, or Thunder Hips herself, that muttered "tape up any white boy that disagrees with the administration" on the night of March 12th, but enforce it they did beginning the next day. Friday the 13th was indeed unlucky for this un-believer.
From my personal archives - source unknown

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