Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Seekers Gather at Church of Global Warming Service

Dateline, Atlanta:
Thousands gathered to hear Arch-Bishop al'Gore speak at a recent service in Atlanta, GA promoting membership and fanatacism for the Church of Global Warming. Those who have previously been horn-swoggled and bought into the lunacy could easily be picked out of crowd due to their insistence on carrying hockey sticks as homage to Al's favorite graph of projected doom and gloom.
The crowd "warmed-up" (pardon the pun) to a feverish pitch generated by Tom's Scientology band - The Crew's Spaceship.
Grape Kool Aid and snow cones were served afterwards while participants enjoyed focus group discussions on the relative merits of various conspiracy theories and government cover-ups.
Photo Credit: email from me son


Nature Concern said...

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Submariner said...

OK, I guess I make the commitment that I will eat as many cabbage-family veggies as possible to generate as much flatulence as possible in order to add my fair-share contribution of methane to the atmosphere.


These subject-BOTS drive me up a wall - how bout you?

Army of Dad said...

I would have deleted the POS, but that is just me.

Submariner said...

Figured I'd leave it there for the sheer stupidity of the single-issue monors, AoD.