Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Back

Still wondering about the relative intelligence of the peeple - bless their hearts.

For those that are either first time visitors, or perhaps blind, I am not a fan of that Socialist in minority clothing that we elected. Regardless, I have been praying harder for this President than I have ever prayed for one before:
Because I am afraid of the size of government under this radical of a Socialist,
Because I am afraid of what a radical abortionist is going to do to the morals of the nation,
Because I am afraid of the kind of "friends" he has repeatedly been drawn to in the past.
I pray that he wakes up to the sovereignity of almighty God and reverses many of his publicly stated policies. However, his track record to date is just more and more of what I saw on the campaign trail - rampant big-government bailouts to all but the successful. From those he plans on taking and taking. Oh, and our children, grandchildren and all generations to come; those he plans on taking all from as well.

The question has been put forth before -

"What will it take to destroy the experiment of the United States of America?"

The answer may be unfolding before our eyes through a well-meaning but entirely misguided Socialist administration and their Socialist handlers in the DNC when we as a nation have neutered the opposition. Stay tuned folks, to quote the late, great Bette Davis; "...it look's like it's going to be a bumpy flight..." for the next four years as our economy is given a swirlie. Let's just hope the suction isn't strong enough to pull us down completely.

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