Monday, May 14, 2007

Cheney Family Announces Sponsored Hunt

Dateline; Washington DC:
Today, Mary Cheney unveiled her family's plans to host a Fund Raiser for the 2nd Ammendment Defense Fund. Named the "First Annual Liberal Hunt," specific awards will be made based on baggin' a bed-wetter in any of a wide variety of categories. Among them:
1 - Bestest Known Liberal Bedwetter
2 - Biggest Distribution Paper's Editorial Writer
3 - Highest Doller Value Bank Account
4 - Pert Near Any Lawyer
5 - Celeb With the Most Nation'l Enquirer Articles Written 'Bout 'Em
Extra points will be given for any member of the Senate or Congress that has sponsored a bill that crippled the Armed Forces or any of our other Law Enforcement or Public Safety Agencies.
For more information on how to participate, please contact your local chapter of the NRA. Under no circumstances should you contact an affiliate of Code Pink or Boobs Not Bombs since these clueless organizations still think that "gun control" means taking them from the hands of law abiding citizens and placing them solely in the hands of criminals.
Photo Credit: Neil Boortz' Redneck Scrap Book

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Anonymous said...

Only question is; what's the size limit on a yellow-bellied lib? Gawd knows they aren't endangered!