Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Day At The Beach With Granny Nan

Spelunker of the House, Nasty Pelosi's son demonstrates a critical trait for liberals - the ability to completely suspend even the potential for logic being brought to bare on a problem by completely severing all neurological pathways.

The "family" prides themselves on their highly-developed ability to place their brains in whatever sensory-deprivation receptacle they feel adequate to the individual task. (The usual choice has been a place frequently referred to as "where the sun don't shine," an irony completely lost on the California stalwarts.)

This ability has become even more valuable with Granny Nan as you shall see.

Yepper, they start them young in the Pelosi clan... Little Luis here is seen carefully adjusting his view away from Granny, just out of frame to his left.

Yep, Granny Nan worships Gaia wherever she goes, but most prefers disrobing at the seashore. Her youngest grandson, shown here being forced to observe her in all her Medusa-like glory, has not learned the family ability to eliminate the sight of this offense to nature by removing his head... yet.
Odds are high that the little whipper-snapper will beg to be so taught as soon as he has the vocabulary to ask.
Photo Credit: Personal archives from unknown sources

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Anonymous said...

That is just hideous!