Saturday, May 19, 2007

DNC Announces Solution to the "Hillary Problem"

Howie the Dean, speaking on behalf of the Democratic National People's Party, announced today that the Party's leadership had decided on a solution to the problem laid in their lap by front runner Shrillary Rod 'Em KKKlinton. Says the duck, "Since name recognition was nearly 100% and pretty much evenly split among likely non-Party voters between the choices that they:
"hated her,"
"detested her,"
"despised her intensely," and
"would rather be impaled on a 12 foot stake than vote for that bi-yotch."
Party leadership has decided to do the only humane thing and simply pack her in a burlap sap full of rocks and drop her in Lake Erie.
No word yet on the immediate injunction filed by the Green Party due to the damage this would cause to the environment. Keep tuned for this developing story.
Photo Credit: Personal archives from unknown source

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