Sunday, March 16, 2008

Deity Gets Involved In PA Stump Speech

At an outdoor rally near Scranton, PA, Hillary R-C was regaling a mostly sympathetic crowd with stories of the critical part she had played in shaping world events. Specific events claimed were continually growing in importance, leading up to her claim that "...the entire Catholic-Protestant thing would STILL be going on in Ireland, had I not intervened and sweet-talked the two sides into sitting down over a pint of Guiness..." The photo above occured a split second later and multiple individuals in the crowd swear they heard "Damn - Missed!" rumbling from the clouds.

Ms. Rodham-Clinton's campaign staff quickly issued a formal announcement that "...any references to whichever supreme being/deityyou happen to worship being unhappy with Senator Clinton are preposterous." They then proceeded to quickly cancel all future outdoors speaking engagements and have posted new requirements that in all future indoor arenas, she must always be standing in "a safe place on the ground floor, well removed from any windows or other breakable exterior materials." Herself has taken to making mad dashes rapid waddles from arena to waiting limo and vice-versus, anxiously scanning the sky during the scamper.

Photo Credit: Pictures taken at just the right time

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