Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Hillinator Arives in Tuzla

According to the latest version of the story that Senator Hillary Rectum Clinton is telling - the then first-lady and specially appointed Presidentially Ambassador and envoy to all combat-zones, '...arrived amidst a maelstorm of machine gun fire, incoming mortors, and at least three inbound nuclear missiles that I saw...' attack upon Tuzla. Bailing out of Air Force One to 'protect the lives of the horribly outmatched and under-manned military, Secret Service, media cotillion and uh, oh yeah, my daughter too; I couldn't wait for the mobile stairway so I swan-dived into a machine gun nest. I grabbed a helmet and manned the gun - a ummm, 376 caliber auto with belt feed as I remember - and laid down a withering counter attack. I did this to give those poor troops a chance to regroup. When they didn't, I nearly ran out of ammo, and had to limit myself to single trigger pulls to conserve. Thankfully, the French, German and Russian troops arrived when I was down to a pair of shells and we were able to mop up the remainder of the resistance. Following that, I was able to negotiate a peace between the Bosnians and the Serbs and eliminated the need for armed conflict. Yessir, it was a good thing I was there...'

Photo Credit: Michelle Malkin

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Anonymous said...

Quit beating around the bush, Submariner - tell us what you REALLY think about Hillary! LOL