Saturday, March 17, 2007

10,000 Year Old Liberal Remains Uncovered

Fox News Alert!
Archeologist Phil "Digger" Loam, released eagerly awaited photos of remains found in north-eastern Tennessee, US, of an individual that had evidently been caught in the southern-most creep of that period's ice age. Using it's dated, carbon footprint, scientists have conclusively identified these remains as those of a liberal from approximately 10,000 years ago. An apparent picket sign found next to it made on wooly mammoth hide has been translated as "Stop Global Warming" reinforcing the scientist's belief that this was an early "Progressive."
Current Global Warming jihaddist, al'Gore has not returned our requests for comment, but a spokesman informed Fox that the former Veep is currently investigating a potential "...long lost family member that was recently unearthed."
We'll keep you informed as this story breaks.

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