Sunday, March 18, 2007


Isn't it ironic that those labeling themselves as "progressive" because they summarily reject everything traditional, are the very ones that demonstrate that they are usually the most intolerant of any contradictory viewpoint expressed?

Think I'm off on this hypothesis? Try this experiment:

Stand in front of a group of 'progressives' and mention that well over 75% of all terrorist acts are performed by Muslims. The outcry of your 'racism' and Islamophobia will be huge. You will be shouted down as a 'hater,' and potentially even physically accosted. It might even get you some airtime on a main stream media program as a classic example of a conservative biggot. The facts bearing out the truth of the statement will receive no scrutiny.

However, if you try dipping a cross in urine and presenting it as 'art,' that same group will raise a similar hue and cry over your right to 'express yourself' if a single, negative comment is made against your profane act. (I don't think anyone has yet had the courage to develop an image of Muhammed and immersed it in urine as art based on the threatened violence over cartoons...)

Similar examples are available in race relations, welfare programs, etc. Over the next few weeks I think I'll be posting a series of experiments to show the left for the two-faced lunatics they are. If anyone actually conducts them, I absolve myself from any liability for what happens. But when you get out of the hospital, drop me a line to detail your experiences and let me know where I underestimated the lunacy of the lefties.

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