Saturday, March 24, 2007

DNC Unveils Plan for Victory

DNC Speaker of the House, Nasty Pelosi (did we mentione she's a San Francisco liberal and the first ever female Speaker, and therefore completely above any criticism ya whiny-assed neocon?) unveiled the Democrat controlled Congress' plan for supporting our valiant troops to victory in BushHitler's illegal and Gaia-forsaken war.
At the cost of 6 bridges, 3 HUD contracts, 1 sports arena and 37 assorted minor porkings, Speaker Pelosi was able to build a monumental majority of 1 vote to "...eliminate funding for the evil, colonialization of Iraq by the President's goons. We hope freedom loving Muslim's everywhere see that it is only those evil b@stard Rethuglicans that are actually killing your Religion of Peace® friends; NOT those of us in the DNC so we expect that you will lay down your weapons and embrace us with open arms when you overthrow the US on our watch..."
picture credit - FunPic

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