Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Van-Load of Global Warming Data

Havana, Cuba; March 27, 2007 -
al'Gore was unable to make his keynote speech at the International Invitational Symposium on Global Warming due to transportation difficulties. al complained that it was "...obvious the administration has once again hosed me to try to mask their ineptitude and to cause me embarassment. Furthermore, this unusual weather pattern is either evidence of what I forecast or BushHitler-Haliburton meddling with an atmospheric control weapon that will just hasten humanity's end. Either way, that chimp that stole my Presidency is behind it."
Happily for delegates, International weather expert Rosie O'Don'tell was willing to step into the gap and fill (almost) the void that ManBearPig's absence left.
Other "highlights" included Barbra "Flapjacks" Streisond providing a musical interlude, political commentary by Nataly "Embarassed to be an American" Maines, and a "duodenum reading" of environmental gloom predictions by Susan Saranden and Tim Rubbins.
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