Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pooty Contest Winner Chosen

George Soros, billionaire and fa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ar left political activist has labeled Hillary Clinton the "face of the new Democrat National Party."
Wogs on both sides of the aisle lined up for their chance at a little televised face time/sound bite. My favorite? Probably that of co-candidate and liberal panderer, Barak Osama-bama; "What about me? Unlike Hillary, I'm articulate, clean and never voted for the war. And I'm black."
When asked for comment, Teddy "the Whale" Kennedy is reported to have rolled over on the bar, burped, and said "What-evah. We, ah, at the DNC are, ahhhh, proud of the place, er, that, uh, who-evah that bi-yotch, uh, is; that she, ah, has been, ah, raised to. Are, uh, you buyin' the next, ahhhh, round?"
Tip of the chappeau for the pic goes to The Paperboy.

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WhoopsieDaisey said...

So far, so good Subby. But why the pic of this hideous woman? Damn! What does Bill see in her?