Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Observations Following a Horrendous Event

If we'd have had better gun control laws, the massacre at Viginia Tech would not have occurred. By that I mean mandatory smalls arms training for every student and the right to carry concealed on campus. One or two armed students or teachers in the classroom would have lessened the effect that one lunatic could have when unable to be held accountable for his actions in a timely manner.

But stand by for the flood of anti-Second Ammendment activists to be screaming for even more stringent laws against ownership. Curious to me that a law proposing that concealed weapons permits be allowed on campus was voted down around a year ago. Therefore - VT is a model of the Brady Bill-ish effectiveness that is so highly touted by those who are against guns. (And, oh by the way, the only one that HAD a weapon was the individual with a blanket disregard for the written law and the sociopathic desire to use it... the law-abiding students, faculty and staff had no chance to defend themselves at all.)

I also note that there are already calls for the firing of the VT Chancellor, the Blacksburg Chief of Police, the Head of Campus Security, etc ad nauseum. People! The only jackass that was to blaim killed himself at the end of a deranged killing spree.

I know most of you are distraught and confused and seeking answers to "Why?" Grieve however you must for those you didn't know. And join me in prayer that those left behind can find peace.

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